how to run a trade bot

how we build a sample strategy for new learners

how to run a trade bot

there is no detailed trade boots

What we need to pay attention to in API applications

github is very very mixed

otherwise the forum is only for the experienced
discussion topics are very advanced
Could you help

here you shall find
(02-03-2018, 12:40 AM)susitronix Wrote: here you shall find
system setup  ok
backtest          ok
paper trader    ok
api  key           ok
trade bot (no special details) Huh

I can start live trade with the current strategy through gekko web

we can determine how much for the start of the trade bot

how much of the amount is enough for the trade bot

How many coins can we invest with gekko

I have 2 double coins in my wallet

btc eth
btc xrp      

I can only start a trade bot with btc eth couple

yes it can start with 1 double coin

no special details

no live applied sample

there is no information on what we will pay attention to in practice

thank you

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