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  Manage fractions of asset
Posted by: ApachePigna - 01-18-2021, 08:34 AM - Forum: Strategy Development - No Replies

Hi all,
I am new in the bot field and I am trying to understand if gekko could fit my needs.

I would like to trade by managing my asset in a couple of fractions, each one managed by a different strategy (in order to balance risks and time-frame).
As far as I have understood, gekko:
- supports "all in" buy/sell commands only
- does not support a "double buy" (after a buy you can only sell)
so my target is not achievable.

I am thinking about to trade on more exchanges at the same time to overcome this limitations, but it looks a little bit overkilling.

How do you manage this issue?
Is there any way to operate on fractions of asset each time?


Posted by: aedanhall - 01-13-2021, 11:45 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Applications for U.S. i-485 citizenship are not that difficult to accomplish. If you are applying for immigration, the first step is to pick a place that you want to call your homeland. Your homeland may be America, Canada or Mexico. But you need to know the details of your new country. The first document you will fill out in preparing for a U.S. citizenship application is a Certificate of Citizenship or naturalization which can be obtained from your embassy or from the U.S. consul's office.

In America, an applicant must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility which he or she will use to start the process of applying for a U.S. citizenship. A person who cannot obtain this on his or her own can get it by applying with the U.S. embassy. After this, all that is left is to register to vote. All three documents mentioned above can be collected together and mailed to the citizenship application center. The three documents are then processed.

  La Tinka premios
Posted by: aedanhall - 01-13-2021, 10:07 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Además, el Los premios La Tinka en España también son bastante atractivos para los jugadores extranjeros, esta es la razón por la que cada vez más sitios de lotería online también incorporan la Lista de las loterías más populares en España.
Vale la pena señalar que entre las loterías más populares de España, estamos hablando de Eurojackpot gracias a la ONCE (Organización Nacional Española de Ciegos) que obtuvo el permiso para ofrecerle esta lotería de la nación. Eurojackpot también podrá realizarse de forma convencional a través de los puntos locales disponibles, y online a través del sitio web Juegosonce.es

  Help me to find office movers in dubai?
Posted by: haadih869 - 01-13-2021, 05:53 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Dubai Movers has been one of the leading Transportation and Movers in dubai. We deliver a broad range of targeted national and international.

  How to Soft Reset or Hard Reset Kindle Fire Tablet
Posted by: kindlehelpus - 01-11-2021, 11:52 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

The kindle fire device segment launched by amazon seems to be very successful when it comes for choosing best ereaders. However from the time of first kindle fire to till now many enhancement is done to kindle devices.

There is no doubt in saying that even the best products at some point of time showcases issues. Well, kindle is no exception the device also causes few errors on regular intervals and requires proper fixation for its smooth working. You can go for soft and hard reset kindle fire for tackling basic kindle fire errors.

Soft Reset Kindle Fire

In a situation where your kindle device has frozen or stop working, then you can begin with soft reset kindle fire or few troubleshooting techniques.

Follow steps for completing soft reset kindle fire procedure:
1. Press and keep volume down and power key on hold at similar time on kindle fire until it not turns off.
2. Release the power and volume down keys when kindle fire turns off completely.
3. Afterward kindle fire gets turn off, hold on for ten seconds.
4. Now, turn on kindle fire by choosing and keeping hold on power key.

Hard Reset Kindle Fire

A hard reset will help in resetting kindle fire to its original settings and remove everything from your device. Make sure kindle fire having at least 30% battery level prior completing the steps.

For third to seventh kindle variants.

1. Visit settings.
2. Choose device options.
3. Select reset to factory defaults.

Alternative 2:

1. Start kindle fire, tap and keep volume down and power key on hold.
2. The amazon recovery display panel will get showcase. Make use of the volume key for choosing the option of wiping data/factory reset.
3. Tap power key for selecting the selection.
4. Make use of volume key for selecting yes-delete all user data.
5. Hit power.

For first and second kindle variants.

1. Visit settings tab.
2. Choose more.
3. Select device.
4. Tap reset to factory defaults.
5. Click erase everything.

By following the above mention steps you can easily complete soft reset and hard reset kindle fire procedure.

Attached Files
.jpg   Hard-Reset-Kindle-Fire.jpg (Size: 92.37 KB / Downloads: 1)

  Engineering homework help
Posted by: tutlance - 01-10-2021, 05:53 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Before you begin your online engineering venture assist, you'll want to put together well for it. For example, you'll need to investigate all of your assignments thoroughly, which include any required laboratory activities. Online homework help services can frequently make this even less complicated, considering the fact that many offer a checklist to move through to be able to outline the content you may need to study in depth. Once you understand the content you will be studying, you could prepare to revise your assignments. If you discover a segment hard, you could revise the cloth to healthy the elegance's requirements.To make sure that you get the maximum from your engineering homework help assist, you furthermore mght want to put within the equal effort which you might in any magnificence. When you are taking a route at faculty, you're given the freedom to select whilst and how lengthy you examine. You can also pick out the materials you want to examine, in addition to the tempo you want to work at. By working together together with your consultant and making sure you do your assignments on time, you will be capable of exhibit your understanding of the fabric you are assigned and garner effective remarks out of your instructor.

  9 Life-saving Tips About Noble Hemp Gummies!
Posted by: GeomsJaoi - 01-08-2021, 11:46 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Noble Hemp Gummies is an ideal flourishing enhancement that comes as oil and has diverse good conditions to bring to the table. The CBD Oil is all around utilized by patients who are experiencing weakness, nervousness and absence of rest on the grounds that the oil is committed for giving without a care in the world propensity to the cerebrum so it works fittingly. Considering, it is just a single ideal position that you can recognize from Noble Hemp Gummies, yet are you mindful of how it is useful for you morely. Noble Hemp Gummies is in like way ideal for patients who are going toward immense joint irritation issue, joint torment. It is brand name that individuals when they appear at their create age; will overall lose their adaptability because of joint torments, so this CBD Oil is ideal for them.What is Noble Hemp Gummies?

  esports gaming pc
Posted by: aedanhall - 01-05-2021, 03:35 PM - Forum: Technical Discussion - No Replies

A gaming PC, also called a gaming machine or virtual console, is a personal computer specifically designed for playing computer games that demand a high level of computer programming skills. This type of computer is commonly called a video game platform or a console.

Games are available for nearly every console out there, and while they all work on a basic concept, the main difference between the games is that many of them involve different types of machines and different ways of performing tasks, while others simply look alike. However, while the similarities are almost unnoticeable to the casual player, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the many games available.

For example, some games are played on servers with millions of players at any given time. These servers connect the computers together through the internet, which is usually either a dial-up connection or a broadband connection. When you play a game online, you typically either log in to your account using a specific username and password, or you may use a special link or code provided by the company that runs the site. While you can play a game on a local server, these types of games are often very slow and difficult to experience.

Another type of game is the multi-player game, which allows you to play with other people who have the same version of the game. These games are much faster and more enjoyable, because they offer many different games to play at the same time. These are also a lot harder to play, so if you want to experience a fast-paced and exciting esports gaming pc , you would probably be better off playing on a server. However, even when you play on a server, you can usually still get the thrill and excitement of playing with friends over the internet.

Some types of games can also be played using game consoles that can be connected to a television set. These games often use advanced graphics and sound, but they still do not provide the same intense level of play and adventure as they do on servers. While some consoles might be able to play some games over a broadband connection, others may need to connect through a dedicated internet service, like DSL or cable.

  What Is The Peace CBD Oil Price?
Posted by: JaomHsoa - 01-05-2021, 11:27 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

You can claim the lowest Peace CBD Oil Cost by clicking any image or button on this page! Our links will send you straight to the top selling tincture so you can find the best deals. If you hurry, you can even claim a FREE hemp oil with your purchase of the #1 hemp oil! With this incredible offer, you can get your first supplement for the lowest Peace CBD Oil Price. But the longer you wait, the more likely that this incredible offer could expire, or supplies could sell out. So, if you are ready to claim a FREE BOTTLE with your purchase of the top selling tincture, now is your best chance. Click any image or button on this page to claim the lowest Peace CBD Oil Cost before it’s too late to heal naturally with CBD!

  activate Windows 10
Posted by: aedanhall - 01-05-2021, 07:21 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

How to activate Windows 10 on Android phones! Well, sure, it's kinda risky too but it's not like, you're burning your Android phones entire operating system and replacing it with Windows 10. It's more like you're installing an OS into an Android phone. Yup, you can use both Windows 10 & Android phone at once.

First off, you need to backup your current computer. So, what does this mean? Well, basically when you try to install windows 10 on your phone, it will install the latest version of Windows which is XP. When you try to install a different OS, such as Android or even some other "premium" OS, your computer will most likely show error messages saying that your current computer is" incompatible". This usually happens if you're installing multiple different programs at once (such as opening up multiple different email accounts, or multiple different web browser sessions).

To fix this error, you will need to get a new windows license for your operating system. Unfortunately, your current windows license for your phone is most likely expired, or won't be valid anymore. So, to get around this, you should go online and find a windows 10 product key. These keys will grant you access to download and install windows 10 on your phone. After you get your product key, you're free to sign up for an account at Microsoft and download the operating system.