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  Adding lots of indicators with dynamic settings
Posted by: scnonah - 03-20-2019, 02:28 AM - Forum: Strategy Development - Replies (2)

Hello. This is my first post here. I found a nice strat on trading view that I want to convert from pine script. The problem is the way the define and use different indicators, i'm finding it hard to recreate this strat in gekko and tulind. I know gekko has the addIndicator and addTuIndicator (spelling from memory), but they are required to be created in the init function. But the script I'm converting uses some of the indicator results as parameters for other indicator instantiations.

For example something like below.

smoothK = 3
smoothD = 3
lengthRSI = 9
lengthStoch = 9
rsi1 = rsi(price, lengthRSI)
k = sma(stoch(rsi1, rsi1, rsi1, lengthStoch), smoothK)
d = sma(k, smoothD)

e1 = ema(price, 9)
e2 = ema(e1, 9)
ema1 = ema(price, 9)
ema2 = ema(ema1, 9)
ema3 = ema(ema2, 9)
tema = 3 * (ema1 - ema2) + ema3
dema = 2 * e1 - e2
avda = avg(dema,tema)

Whats the best way to instantiate many tulind indicators?

Please let me know if you need more details.

  Date or timezone error
Posted by: Mrducky1982 - 03-20-2019, 01:34 AM - Forum: Technical Support - No Replies

Hi guys,

I've been running Gekko succesufully in CLI mode for some weeks now, but on every trade made I get this:

   Moment {
     _isAMomentObject: true,
     _i: 1552842091039,
     _isUTC: false,
      { empty: false,
        unusedTokens: [],
        unusedInput: [],
        overflow: -2,
        charsLeftOver: 0,
        nullInput: false,
        invalidMonth: null,
        invalidFormat: false,
        userInvalidated: false,
        iso: false,
        parsedDateParts: [],
        meridiem: null,
        rfc2822: false,
        weekdayMismatch: false },
      Locale {
        _calendar: [Object],
        _longDateFormat: [Object],
        _invalidDate: 'Invalid date',
        ordinal: [Function: ordinal],
        _dayOfMonthOrdinalParse: /\d{1,2}(th|st|nd|rd)/,
        _relativeTime: [Object],
        _months: [Array],
        _monthsShort: [Array],
        _week: [Object],
        _weekdays: [Array],
        _weekdaysMin: [Array],
        _weekdaysShort: [Array],
        _meridiemParse: /[ap]\.?m?\.?/i,
        _abbr: 'en',
        _config: [Object],
        _dayOfMonthOrdinalParseLenient: /\d{1,2}(th|st|nd|rd)|\d{1,2}/ },
     _d: 2019-03-17T17:01:31.039Z,
     _isValid: true },
  side: 'sell',
  orders: 1,
  fees: { BNB: 0.00026979, ETH: 0.00262393 },
  feePercent: 0.001 }

Anyone got an idea of what is causing this? I'm running on Ubuntu 18.04.1.


  workaround for this issue
Posted by: batssmasher - 03-19-2019, 11:45 AM - Forum: Strategy Development - No Replies

I am using EMA 200 for 4H so once i start gekko it took almost 10-15 mins using that data to build the strat . and while gekko is doing that i lose all the real time data while it is calculating . sometimes the delay is 20 mins . 

so is there any workaround for this ?.

  Running into problems with my first strategy
Posted by: catorRunner - 03-14-2019, 07:22 AM - Forum: Strategy Development - No Replies

First, I am know close to nothing about JS (I am taking a online course at the moment) 
The simple strategy I am attempting to create uses Tulip HMA and WMA (and I 'll add some other stuff later) 

I used the "moon" strategy (from the intro video) as my base to and I am attempting to add WMA to it but for some reason, parameter for WMA I set in .toml file is not read. 

strat.init = function() {
     this.addTulipIndicator('wmaS', 'wma', {
      optInTimePeriod: this.settings.wmaS

and in my toml file, I got  wmaS = 21

The error I receive is: 

Quote:Error: Gekko was unable to configure Tulip Indicators:
       optInTimePeriod needs to be a number

What am I missing?

  Beginners walk through ABSOUTE STARTER
Posted by: PsykoNerd - 03-10-2019, 06:44 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hey all, I would like to receive a TOTAL starters guide to Gekko. I had a NERDY friend to install Gekko on my Raspberry PI, but I don't know where to go from there, and which buttons to press. Can anyone help me on these regards ??
Where do I put the code, is there a newby guide ??

  Is there any way to make a portfolio graph along with price graph in UI?
Posted by: aditya - 03-09-2019, 05:35 AM - Forum: Custom Systems - No Replies

I am trying to edit the User Interface.
I want to make two curves on the graph one showing the performance of HODL and one showing the performance of my strategy.
Is it possible to do that?

  What is the best strategy?
Posted by: bdelmedico - 03-08-2019, 05:05 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

What is the best crypto-currency and what is the best strategy to buy in poloniex?

  Cisco VPN Specialist
Posted by: Meghanaa - 03-08-2019, 10:17 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Besides deploying maintain VPN networks, specialists configure and implement IT devices and equipment and handle inventory tracking.
Specialists plan, prepare, and deploy changes on Cisco 2 and Layer 3 switches, routers of Cisco and Juniper Routers, maintain all routers and switches models of Cisco so that they can provide higher design related support to the team that manages incidents.
Specialists assist in assessing and providing creative solutions to Security Endpoint products. They also help in designing and deploying them. They probe into emerging network technologies and make suggestions for the business needs of the future. Cisco VPN Engineers assess tests, recommend and execute specialized network solutions.

Know more: cisco vpn skills

  Request new exchanges bitcointrade
Posted by: bdelmedico - 03-07-2019, 03:04 PM - Forum: Other exchanges - No Replies

good afternoon people.

To get gekko to work with bitcointrade.com.br?

  Increase the speed of the backtest calculation by caching the calculated candle data
Posted by: klitze2 - 03-05-2019, 01:05 PM - Forum: Technical Discussion - No Replies

I am new to Geko and do not know the architecture in detail. Obviously, each backtest calculation uses the minute data from the database. For multiple calculation of a strategy with unchanged candle size, e.g. 24 hour candles, the calculation would be faster. The daily candles would have to be cached during the first calculation of the strategy (database / memory) and could be used again for the subsequent calculations.

Am I correct?