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1656 U.S. 209 #6 Brodheadsville, PA 18322
A reputable medical center that has been serving the people of Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, for many years can be found right in the middle of town. Pocono Community Pharmacy, found at 1656 US-209 #6, has grown to become an integral part of the healthcare system in the area by offering both basic and specialized products and services. Dr. Olivia Barkley has become a household name alongside this prestigious organization because to her stellar reputation for both professionalism and kindness. When people in Brodheadsville think of good medical care, they think of Pocono Community Pharmacy and Dr. Olivia Barkley.

An Essential Element of Society

Since its beginnings, Pocono Community Pharmacy has been providing for the pharmaceutical requirements of the local community. They differentiate themselves from franchises by emphasizing one-on-one service. Independent pharmacies place a premium on getting to know their clients' individual needs so they can provide individualized service.

Each and every one of Pocono Community Pharmacy's customers is treated with the utmost respect and care by the expert pharmacists and support personnel that work there. They have a wide variety of pharmaceutical goods available, from prescription drugs to over-the-counter medicines.

To further facilitate customers' ability to take charge of their health, Pocono Community Pharmacy provides services including prescription delivery, vaccines, and medication synchronization.

Dr. Olivia Barkley Shines as a Model of Caring Medicine

Pocono Community Pharmacy's medical services are directed by Dr. Olivia Barkley, a renowned medical expert. Dr. Barkley is well regarded throughout Brodheadsville and beyond because to her dedication to her patients and enthusiasm for medicine.

Dr. Barkley's extensive background in family medicine gives her unique insight into her patients' wide range of medical concerns. Her calm manner and active listening skills help her form a close relationship with her patients, which fosters trust and allows for more candid discussions.

Dr. Barkley gives her patients the best treatment possible since she constantly studies new medical developments. She always goes above and beyond to safeguard her patients' health, whether she is making a routine diagnosis, treating a long-term ailment, or focusing on prevention.

Mutual effort for better health outcomes for patients.

Pocono Community Pharmacy and Dr. Olivia Barkley work well together because they both want to make the people they serve healthier and happier. By working together, providers can provide patients superior, more unified treatment.

Pocono Community Pharmacy and Dr. Barkley collaborate extensively to coordinate medications and dosages. Together, we can create individualized strategies for patients' medication management, improving their chances of successfully following their treatment courses.

In addition, the collaboration makes it easier for pharmacists and Dr. Barkley to talk to one another, which encourages better drug evaluations, therapeutic modifications, and patient counseling. Through collaboration, the team can provide patients with comprehensive treatment that meets all of their pharmaceutical and medical requirements.


Dr. Olivia Barkley and the Pocono Community Pharmacy have become community anchors in Brodheadsville because to the excellent treatment they provide and the confidence they've earned from their patients. Pocono Community Pharmacy's dedication to individual attention is priceless, and Dr. Olivia Barkley's knowledge and kindness make a major difference in her patients' lives.

Pocono Community Pharmacy and Dr. Olivia Barkley are committed to meeting the changing healthcare requirements of the community. They have made a lasting difference in the lives of the people they serve in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, and beyond by embracing innovation and maintaining the highest standards of care.
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