Stratrunner Live 24h >>DateDisplay-problem
Hi Mike
(PS: right now my Gekko made a third Trade but the Year display remain the same and Exposure 5month.
Has it got not enough data or did i messed it up when put 100usdt into the Currency-wallet while warmup Period?)

My Stratrunner made one roundtrip. Now its waiting.
I recodnized a strange Year problem in the roundtrip window. See Atachement
(the current Balance is incorrect because i sold coins while at Warmup stage)

Just tested the the Cmd method and tryed backtest since have two seperat laptop now.
Its nice i like it. Neat
Thinking of restarting my Stratrunner as Cmd and dont touch this comp again.

Or could it be nordVPN dropout?
Should i disable the VPN for LiveGekko?

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