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Huge thanks to [url=][/url]Mike van Rossum. Thats a impressive code/bot/share..!

I am into analog electronics, therefore... first atempt to implement a dynamic StopLoss into the StochRSI strategie failed. [Image: tongue.png]

I tested the RsiStopLoss Version of "eduardoarn/gekko-estrategias".
It Works but the backtest dos not show a beneficial result rather than a weird one, compared with the RSI with same settings.Huh
After BackTesting BTC/USDT i found the only most consistant result is StochRSI.
Only problem is at the downwards Trend it will hold some bags.

in the short Time Tests there is Bags in the end but the result is still Positive...most of the (took me days...)

After 14 Days it become some what consistent.

IF the Bags in the downTrend would be rescued by a StopLoss or Trending advisor, then this Strategie could be almost twice beneficial.

The Goal of My (StochRSI) Stategie is to make the BTC-INTREST (((((CRASH RESISTANT)))))

Please look at the Attachments.

Please i ask you Coders, it would be super Nice if someone create this.StopLoss for StochRsi.
I only know little about C for programming PIC microcontroller/Arduino. My only language is SOLDER...hehe

I am new to Crypto Trade and lost 2/3 of my money because of drawn into that FOMO of the current Crash.
blood on the dance floor
Silly me. Thats why these BOT-Strategie-moves make the decisions for me even when i sleep!!! nice THANK YOU MIKE this is it!!!

Wish You Well.grz philipp

The 6th Backtest PNG here has lower Intrest.
It shows that sometimes Backtest must be properly testet over different Time Periods..?
As i learned from it...
Why is it so hard to get positive Results?
Is this because of the backTest Data includes only the CandleData???
Thank You philipp

PS: I did not testet my Strategie Live yet.
Im still searching for the solution.

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.png   BTC_11days.png (Size: 133.9 KB / Downloads: 46)
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I also desperately want the StockRSI stoploss. I have a good strategy and trading pair but through the 1000 trades there are a few that hit 15% + losses. I need a stop loss that can just pull the trade if it looses a certain percentage on each trade. Obviously some trades will fluctuate and this might be more negative overall but I think its worth a try to get the massive losses out of the system.

I would really appreciate the help if anyone can get it working. I have no java script experience but I guess I will begin learning now....

Cheers guys.
I begin learning about the basic stucture:
Please You professionals feel free to correct me if im wrong... 

the strategie
/gekko/strategies/newstrategie.js  //integrate a stoploss to a existing strat
the strats would work together by boolean logic (i need to understand this deeper)

there is the seperat ini file
/gekko/samle-config.js   //needed to setup the user interface and define number ranges and more..

for a trend sniffer version of some sort
/gekko/samle-config/config.adapter = ""   //sqlite, postgres, mongodb

maybe plugins defined  //for adapters/trader/tradingAdviser...

The Gecko Structure looks realy nice and clean/logic with all these different  levels.
Its just me not understand in depth yet

now in ide/arduino or mikroC/PIC microcontroller, the structur is one sheet! hehe

Lastprice looks simpler to begin with:
if the candle period is over and the other.strat makes a keep decision ++ current.Price <= lastBuy - "1.5"%

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