New UI for the live trader
hello thx fer all yer work i have been trying to get this to work and knowing nothing about programming it has been an interesting challenge. jst a couple suggestions from a rookie here.

1- would be nice to see the same graph info as on the various trading sites and points where the bot dose something so i can anilize things more accurately and better understand what inputs are doing what.

2. silly but id love the ability to set my own timezone in the graph Big Grin
i a newbie with JS but i learn, thanks to this forum and youtube.
I have some experience with MT4 (Metatreder 4).
In my opinion for most people it it is useful to see how his specific strategy is trading relative to the chart.
The chart displays indicators that are used in strategy, entry, stop loss, take profit.
It would make debugging more easy for non coders.
See some Pic from MT4

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Hey! Apologies for the late reply. I remember writing an apply months ago but I'm not sure where it went..

Quote:thanks for sharing your work!
I too played around with an UI idea.
If you don't want to spend time on documentation, you would want the product to be pretty much self-explaining.
I think you could fit everything on one page with hierarchical expanding sub-chapters. No idea if that is technically feasible tough.
Here is my attempt:

Very interesting idea! I think there is a lot of merit in this! As of now: the new UI is designed by an external party (unfortunately outside of the open source process), I have paid money to that party both for the design of both open source Gekko platform and the new upcoming Gekko Plus platform and together we have completely designed the next new of Gekko (UX/UI/design/branding/etc). The problem with UI and UX is that everyone has an opinion and I don't know any open source project that has successfully designed something in a collaborative effort.

I think the best way forward for alternative new interfaces would be to create a new independent UI such as:

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