How to Pick an Orthodontist?
10 Tips for Choosing a Great Orthodontist:

1-Make assured that your doctor is a professional-trained orthodontist. Any dentist can give orthodontic treatment without any training behind the dental school. Only university-trained orthodontists can be a part of the American Association of Orthodontists.

2-If your orthodontist is board accredited by the American Board of Orthodontics, then your orthodontist has allowed the extra step to demonstrate his/her dedication to excellence.
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If you want to get your teeth fixed, then a dental partnership between two salaried professionals is the way to go. Salaried professionals get their cash in service (doing clients' treatments) and charging a fixed rate for their time. If you sign up to be treated by an hourly rate dentist, then on average, you will be paying more per visit than if you were treated by an hourly rate dentist who came to you for a check-up and prescribed x-rays or made a simple dental impression. You can find a good specialist at

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