Portrait Pro Issues
The honeymoon is already souring. So far, my switch from a very arduous and completely manual retouching process to Portrait Pro handling much of the work has been good. But there are weird things popping up, and I'm sure (hoping) that it's a setting I need to tweak.

Took a photo from LR, imported as smart object into PS, opened PP, the adjustment looks fantastic and then when it applies it, it picks up weird colors. 

Thoughts? This is really troubling because up until now it had been doing fantastic work, but now it has me second guessing whether there's been problems with other photos that I just haven't noticed or been looking for.
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Hmm, that looks weird. Have you fixed it, or not? I do not understand what could cause this issue and why the pictures catch that kind of strange color. I'm also using the Portrait Pro software; however, I have never had a similar problem. That is why I'm surprised by it, and I cannot figure out how to fix it. I could ask some of my friends, who have been using this software for a long time. I am using it to create the best custom pet portraits, and I have to tell you that it is the best one for this job.
We have to have time to take a picture.
(08-12-2021, 04:20 PM)DianaAllan Wrote: We have to have time to take a picture.

I would process this photo. In this "digital development" phase (conversion of a RAW file into an image), you can adjust the brightness, contrast, tonality, saturation, sharpness and other parameters of the photo. It's important to understand that the pixels that make up the image remain in place, but only their properties are adjusted. This does not affect the content of the image, although the play of light can also visually transform the picture https://photorelive.com. But it also helps me guys, I would advise you to make the portrait more graceful. Does the model have dermatitis on her face? I would remove those dots.

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