And with the top pick in the NBA draft...
The Minnesota Tiberwolves select Anthony Edwards from the University of Georgia.
I know we are mostly a football focused board, but this is HUGE! Dominique didn’t do this. KCP didn’t do this. But Anthony Edwards set a new mark being the only #1 NBA pick in school history and only the second in all sports other than Matt Stafford. (Not sure how we account for the USFL and the goal-line stalker.)
His selection is throwing a Georgia jersey all over the news.
Yep, u right, , man.
Why try to calculate it yourself, if now you can find it on the Internet Parlay Calculator. You do not need to know any formulas. Try to calculate something, especially since there is always a risk of human error. And when the machine calculates for you, the chances that you will have some kind of miscalculation are minimal. I would even say that there is actually no such thing. But if you calculate everything yourself and do it correctly, I can only express respect for you. Maybe I should also learn to count myself; otherwise, my brains won't work so soon because a calculator does everything for us everywhere...

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