Medicine Delivery App Development: How Your Pharmacy Can Sell Online
In the era of Coronavirus where people are hesitant to venture out from their homes and prefer to have things delivered to them instead, home delivery apps - they’re making a killing. Mobile healthcare apps are trending. If you’re interested in online medicine delivery app development, there’s plenty of potential to tap into big profits.
Hello there! I think you’ve made a really good point. Indeed many people in these times prefer to buy online: you just have to take a look at the exponential rise in Amazon’s sales. While it is sad that we get out less and less, it is also true that having things delivered is way more convenient. So, I do agree with you that delivery apps are making a killing now and that mobile healthcare apps are trending. Speaking of mobile healthcare apps, I wanted to talk to you about iinsight: designed for allied health service and NDIS service providers. Take a look at their website, which is

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