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Guys, can u help me please? Recently we moved in other state and now we have big problems with our new property. Can u suggest please some good services, that can help us with this problem? Thx in advance!
Could you provide more information about your state and the sort of problem?
Tolkien, maybe you know what should we do to remortgage our property? My wife is pregnant, so we can't afford our repayment plan anymore. We've been paying for the mortgage for 5 years, and 10 to go from now. But at this moment, I find it too expensive. Should I sell the house? I am really afraid of collateral seize.
Looks like he didn't provide some information about location or something. If you are in the USA, we personally consulted with when we bought the house.
Regarding the remortgage and pregnancy situation, guys, if you have payed all these years on time, then maybe you have a better credit score now. Try to find another bank and remortgage your property at a better rate! Don't sell it, properties are much more expensive now, you might sell your nice house and buy something worse for that amount of money.
First of all, you should have mentioned what kind of problems you have with the property, so it would have been easier for us to know what advice you. If you have legal issues, you are in debt, or the tenant urgently asks you to vacate the house without notifying you in advance, you are advised to consult a lawyer, who will inform you about your rights and tell you what to do. But if you have problems with gas, light or water, I can recommend the company propcert , which will help you quickly find the problem and solve it.
Oh, I understand what you are talking about. You are not the first one and the last one in this situation. When I moved to a new state, I also had some similar problems, and I had no idea what to do. Happily, my cousin recommended getting in touch with someone from Mortgage Advice Hull. They are professionals in this field, and they helped me solve my problem in less than one month. Get in touch with them for more information, and I am sure you won't be disappointed.

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