How much do I have to pay an agent to help me buy a house?
There are fixed percentages of commissions based on the property cost that can be around 1% of the total sales price or half of the monthly rent in the case of tenancy. So, if you're going for residential 3 bhk flats for sale in Mulund West that costs 1,000,000, you'll have to pay 100,000 to your real estate agent. In the case of tenancy, agent would get 10,000 one time if the agreed upon rent is 20,000. It's recommended that you try out projects launched by developers like Piramal Revanta to have the best cost-efficient and luxurious residence in Mumbai.
There are a lot of problems with renting housing. I have rented a house for myself six times in my entire life, and I constantly had some difficulties. So, I decided to buy a house. I found a dream home in the most cost effective way with a suitable design. It is easier to pay for a house in full than to save money for a month and not live a full life. This is purely my opinion on this matter. Some people cannot spend a large amount of money at a time, and therefore it is easier for them to pay a small amount of money monthly.

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