How to Create an App from Scratch?
App Stores are booming with millions of new exciting app ideas. But unfortunately, only a handful of apps get the attraction it deserves. Assuming you can't spend millions on your app idea like the biggies. Our blog shed light on the points to create an app from Scratch. Firstly, pen down your app idea very precisely when considering how to create an app from Scratch. Then, ponder on the question, why should a user use the app? What's the unique thing about your app? You will need to describe your idea through different technicalities like features you need & features which are most important. 
The second step involves doing thorough market research. Interact with customers, conduct market surveys, analyze your competitors, look at demographics. Always build a well-thought user persona that can fit in vividly. The next step on making an app from Scratch revolves around deciding on the platform, type of app & technology stack. Going with either a native app or cross-platform is a good start. There's also a middle path, going for an MVP model. MVP helps you build an app with minimum features which can be tested in the market, and then later, other features can be added. Also, MVP comes easier on budget. 
Time to focus on creating design mockups. Please sketch the app screen be it roughly. Make sure the app allows easy navigation for users. Figma & InVision can be great tools for designing. Also, use some tried & tested tips for building an app from Scratch, such as not using push notifications too much. After choosing your development - now the time is to test the app & get in front of users. Automating testing tools like TestFairy, UserTesting, UberTesters, etc., can also be used. You're almost past the steps to create an app from Scratch. Now is the time to deploy your app on different App markets & make the app live in front of your customers. Your app is now complete, ready to be loved by users.  
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