How do you feel about gambling and do you play in casinos?
What about online casinos?
This is an excellent question. A casino must be licensed, especially an online casino. The risk of being cheated is shallow. You could say there is none at all. On the contrary, there will be if an online casino is not licensed. But no one needs that, of that, I'm sure. At, you can see licensed online casinos. When I was looking for information, I got all the data from here. I'm sure you will definitely find it helpful. My favorite casino game is blackjack. That's where I've made the most money. But I also like poker, as it is pretty exciting and popular.
Card counting has been used to beat the system for decades and is illegal at basically every casino in the world. If a dealer suspects a player may be counting cards, the player may be asked to leave the casino immediately. However, a group of enterprising MIT students managed to put their heads together to beat the system. A few members would count cards while a third member exclusively at high count tables. Additional members would distract the dealers by making huge bets themselves, ignoring the count and just breaking even. The team won millions this way and even formed an investment company just to handle their bankroll.

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