Lifevantage reviews – Are Lifevantage Products effective?
Lifevantage Business Plan

There are 8 ways to earn with Lifevantage which can be listed below:
  1. Retail Sales Profit: The Distributors can buy Lifevantage products and sell the products to their customers at the retail price to get the retail sales profit
  2. Smart Start Bonus: It is the bonus given for signing in new preferred customers to Lifevantage. It is paid for the first calendar month after your enrollment. You can earn a smart start bonus of 30%-40% based on the Personal Volume PV you have generated.
  3. Launch Bonus: It is similar to the smart start bonus paid on the recruitment in your downline organization. You and your customers have to generate at least 200 PV per month in order to qualify for the launch bonus
  4. Royalty Commissions: It is the monthly income you can earn from all the product sales within your Lifevantage organization. Lifevantage pays commission up to 40% on all the products purchased within your organization.
  5. Generational Matching Bonus: You will qualify to earn the generational matching bonus once you have reached the Lifevantage rank of Pro 3 or higher. It is based on the royalty commissions earned in your downline. Lifevantage can pay up to 30% of this bonus based on the royalty commissions.
  6. Elite Bonus Pool: This monthly bonus is only paid to those who have reached the level of Pro 7 or higher with Lifevantage. Each month, Lifevantage distributes about 4% of its sales in the MLM as the Elite Bonus to those with the highest ranks
  7. Achievement Bonus: It is a one-time payment made to those who reach the level Pro 10 or higher with Lifevantage. The payment can vary from $100,000 at the Masters Level to $500,000 at the Presidential Level.
  8. Business Centers: You will be eligible for your first new business center if you reach the Lifevantage rank of “Premiere Pro 5”.

Lifevantage, with its wide range of products, has shown tremendous growth and expansion in recent times. Their products are of standard quality and are convenient to use which helps in better health.
They have a very unique business plan where you can flourish your business and earn a good income. Lifevantage consists of 8 different types of payouts in which some of them also offer residual income. Their payouts are quite attractive as well.
The cost to start your business is also affordable. They offer 7 different kits to choose from to start your business. Thus if you are considering a cheap and affordable business to start with, then Lifevantage is really the option which is worth it.

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