Primerica Reviews: A Better Business Bureau to Invest Money
Primerica is a legitimate MLM. It’s a financial service provider which is publicly traded. It has its offices in almost all of the states in the US except North Dakota. It also accounts for more than 130,000 independent life insurance representatives.
As per the reports, the company has more than 4.3 million insurance clients and over more than 2 million client investment accounts. According to the reviews, real coverage is provided by the company’s life insurance policies. A platform is a good option for seniors as the coverage is active until the age of 95.
It is a legitimate firm that provides an unparalleled business chance of huge growth in your life. The company provides a better platform for producing entrepreneurs and showcases their skills.

Primerica is one of the largest distributors of financial products and services. It reported a total profit of almost $338 million in a particular year, mainly through multi level marketing.
It has an excellent work environment with a firm mission. People in Primerica earn a very considerable amount of commission on the products.
Primerica offers average individuals a chance to build their own business and change their lives. Primerica representatives can begin with low entry costs and help in flourishing a wide business.
Thus, If you are looking for an Investment in this MLM, Primerica is highly recommended.

Primerica Business Plan
Initially it will cost you around $100 to sign up for Primerica. It will take another $25 if you want to have access to the Primerica Online, which is the members website. To start with in Primerica, all the customers and referrals will be on the first level. Its commission structure is an unilevel payment plan. To earn bigger commissions you will need to be licensed for selling insurance.
It will take around 3 months to get your required license. After you are licensed you start with the Representative Level. At this level you will earn $250 per sale for insurance plans. Furthermore, you can also earn by selling debt elimination loans and mutual fund investments. For Loans, the representative commission is 0.312% and for Investments, the representative commission is 30%. You have to reach $25 for Primerica to pay you a cheque. 
Above the Representative level is the Senior Representative Level which can be achieved by recruiting 3 new associates. They earn slightly higher commission than the Representative level.
Will see how it goes, if I will not like it, then it's probably not my choice, but the thing that you have to pay 100$ with no possibility to test it first, is very scuffed, and it happened to me a few times to pay for some programs which I discovered to be useless for me, after I already bought them. I don't really trust in this kind of apps anymore, I prefer to use my money for gold investment, directly, without any scuffed programs which I am not sure if they are worth buying or not.

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