LegalShield Review – Services, Compensation plan, Pros, Cons, and More
Legalshield Business Plan

Initially you can join buying a Legalshield membership and becoming a member. Login to your Legalshield associate login by verifying your personal details and activate your account.

After your Legalshield login, your Legalshield attorney will contact you within a few hours to discuss your business. Then he will prepare the desired documents for your business and file them under your state. Once the documents are approved your business is ready to start.

There are different levels in their business plan namely: Associate, Senior Associate, manager, Senior manager, Director, Senior Director and Executive Director.
Initially in Legalshield, at the “associate” level, you can earn $65.16 for direct sales and $13.04 by sales under your downline. While at the top level of “Executive Director”, you will earn $182.46 for direct sales and upto $117.30 by sales under your downline.

The compensation plan in Legalshield follows the advancement system. An associate initially earns $100 per membership sale, As you become a senior associate your advances get bigger. A Senior Associate earns $120 per membership sale, and a Director earns $140 and so on.
In addition to this, Senior Associate earns overrides as your team grows which ranges from $20 to $50. You can contact at their Legalshield Phone number at 866-977-1276 for member services regarding further queries. They usually respond to the queries within an hour.

Legalshield is it Legit or Scam?

Legalshield is a legitimate organization which offers its services in all 50 U.S States and the 4 Canadian Provinces. It associates with the law firms to provide solutions to legal questions and legal help.

It has more than 4.1 million members who have approached Legalshield for various types of legal issues. Legalshield has about 39 law firms and 900 attorneys who have more than 22 years of experience.

With LegalShield Business solutions, people found that Legalshield attorneys were always responsive and able to solve their legal problems. As per the Legalshield reviews, individuals were able to save thousands of dollars in legal fees by using Legalshield.

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