World Ventures Reviews – Dream Opportunity to Get Paid for Travel
A Little info on World Ventures

World Ventures was founded by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent in 2005 based at Plano, Texas, The United States. It sells memberships of a travel company – Rovia Dream Trips. It provides discounted travel packages, car rentals and more through paid membership plans.

World Ventures: Scam or Legit

World Ventures is definitely a legitimate company in virtue of providing discounted travels for its members. Very few people make real money with the company. The average earning of a distributor is $1000 per year and therefore many portray it as a scam. But believe me, It’s not.

PRO’s and CON’s
  • The product offers actual value for its members.
  • The Dreamtrips travel memberships are unique and real.
  • The product attracts many.
  • Effective compensation plan.
  • The website is little confusing as there are three websites, World Ventures main website, the Dreamtrips site and Rovia.
  • The startup cost is expensive

Concluding Note
World Ventures offers real products that have an actual unique value. The prices might be out of reach for some, but surely it needs a try. With attractive products and bonuses, one can earn decent money by investing his time and talents.
Interesting approach! Thanks for sharing!
I would disagree somewhat with the cons! One and the most important con is the fact that it is pretty hard to obtain flight compensations. I had an international flight, and it was pretty hard to get a refund for it. And honestly, this is very upsetting because there are so many airline companies that are issuing compensations for delayed flights. This one for example( is known to be one of the most popular companies in Europe. And honestly, I regret not buying the ticket from a European agency!
This is a very interesting article.
And where would you advise me to fly on vacation, let's say, in August?
(07-07-2021, 10:45 AM)pylotar Wrote: And where would you advise me to fly on vacation, let's say, in August?

If you're talking about discounted trips from the company, that's an excellent deal. To be honest, I didn't know there was such a thing. Until our company offered us a trip to Budapest. They provided us with the website, which would show us what to expect from a trip to Hungary. I was very interested in this offer because I really wanted to see lots of good football. Yes, yes, yes, yes, this is the year of the European Football Championship!!! So going to Hungary was great news for me! I was able to watch my idol Cristiano Ronaldo live and enjoy the atmosphere of big football!
Thanks for the article!
For Rose chap , it worked with a European Airline Company, since there's a law in the entire continent that obligates the Airline Companies paying compensation in case of a delay. Moreover, you can get compensation for the lost luggage. Next time when your flight will be delayed, consider asking for a free exchange. They even might give you a higher class and ask to be seated on the next available flight!
For people that are interested in traveling, you might also check I recently had a vacation there, and it was pretty good. Right now, I am planning the next one, so any recommendations?

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