Poloniex Exchange Review
What makes Poloniex stand out among other exchanges?

Easy to use interface – The Poloniex exchange has a simple trading platform. The exchange supports more than $10 million in daily transaction volume and high-speed matching engine. As a result, transactions executed on the platform happens at a faster pace.
The exchange allows its non-US customers to perform margin trades between a variety of cryptocurrency pairs. It also allows a wide array of graphing options, indicators, and technical analysis tools to help its users make informed choices about their trades.

Mobile App 
The exchange introduced a mobile app in July 2018 for both iOS and Android. This mobile app features the same security checks as the exchange online interface — ensuring your funds are equally well protected.

The exchange has a robust API that allows third-party websites to access the exchange directly.
A secondary option is also available i.e. live chats, which address any query that a user may have. The Poloniex website comes with new revisions so that users can enjoy a better trading experience.

All-in-all, Poloniex has had a rocky past but has managed to maintain a relatively good reputation in spite of this. The exchange offers a great range of features, excellent volume, and asset variety — but its terrible customer service and lack of fiat options may be just too much for many users to accept.

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