Norwex Review
Hey, have you used Norwex products ? They are amazing. They have a business plan too..

Norwex Business Plan

There are 7 ways to get compensations in Norwex which can be listed below:
  1. 4-Star Free Host Program: You can receive free products based on the number of people who purchased Norwex products at the party. It is also based on the total amount of money made through the sales
  2. Personal Retail Sales Discount: In this, you can earn a 35% discount on all your personal purchases and 35% commissions on all the retail sales
  3. FreshSTART Rewards Sales Plan: If you make $400 in sales during your first 15 days you will receive an additional $150 in free Norwex products
  4. FreshSTART Rewards Team Building Plan: In order to qualify for this, you will have to sell $250 worth of the Norwex Products to the retail customers during the month of your joining.
  5. Qualified Recruit Bonus: You can achieve this bonus if your recruited consultant earns $2000 in the retail sales during their first 90 days.
  6. Unilevel Commissions: These commissions are paid on the basis of the sales of the consultants in your downline through the uni-level compensation structure
  7. Monthly Car Bonus: This is applicable once you reach the rank of Vice President Sales Leader or higher. The monthly car bonus is $500.

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