Kindle Not Charging
Kindle comes out as a great eReader which allows you to read books in whole new way. The features which are equipped in kindle looks stunning that leads to remarkable reading experience. At last, kindle is an electronic device which can showcase errors sometimes. Many kindle owner faces the issue of kindle not charging which lead poor working of eReader. If the situation occur where there is kindle not charging issues then this post is really helpful for you.

When kindle is in great state, the battery will offer twenty four hours of usage and can standby for many weeks. If you charge kindle once or two times a week, you will never face kindle not charging error. However, there are times when kindle fire not holding a charge if battery is low or damaged. In many situations, you can fix kindle not charging quickly by making use of few troubleshooting techniques.

How can I Fix Kindle not charging error?

Anyone can do certain things with kindle device but when it showcases issues it becomes hard to manage. A common issue which occur constantly is kindle not charging and leads to battery errors. The kindle not charging error cannot be taken lightly and requires right methods for fixing it. However, following the techniques mention below to fix kindle not charging will help you.

Many times when kindle will not charge error occur is due to lower battery levels. If kindle charging but not recognized then you must follow the techniques mention below:

Using Power cable: 

• You need to plug out and connect again the power cable for one time.
• In addition to this you must disconnect and reconnect power cable from kindle device.
• Ensure that plug is properly in connection with power outlet and providing right amount of power to kindle.
• If cable is not in proper connection then kindle not charging take place.

Rebooting Kindle: 

• If the situation arises where kindle won’t charge then by unplugging charging cable and rebooting kindle will help.
• Try pressing power key for at least twenty seconds. Afterward, rebooting will help in removing minor errors taking place with firmware.

Kindle Power connector:

• You need to ensure that making use of right connector for charging kindle.
• The cable must not be damaged and check it by using with other device that it is working fine.

Kindle Charging Adapter: 

• Confirm if power adapter is working right, the recommendation is to purchase kindle original charging adapter from Amazon.
• If you want to make usage of some other adapter then verify that it supplies enough power which supports kindle charging.

Charging Port:

• Now, analyze kindle charging port if it is broken or harmed then kindle not charging issue will take place.
• A damage port won’t allow kindle charging even if it is connection. You must get this fix from kindle professionals.

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