n-depth news article
It is a in-depth news article about identity politics and morals, about ideology and how to deal with other attitudes. The break in the editorial offices runs relatively clearly along a generation line: On the one hand, young, online-savvy, gender studies-trained graduates. On the other hand, older colleagues who have sprung from the age of analog journalism and are more oriented towards traditional gender definitions.

But there is more: it is a dispute over the understanding of journalism.

While the old insist on naming conflicts clearly and describing them from all sides, the young are often concerned with no longer naming something, no longer saying something, so as not to continue writing it down. What the other colleagues receive as “missionary work”.

To make it clear with the example of the Hollywood star Page: For the elderly it is of course part of journalistic care to use both names in the first message for the outing. How else is the audience supposed to find out who is talking about? For the boys, on the other hand, this is a verbal attack because language can be violence.

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