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The Video Transfer Error is an annoying error message that shows up on Android phones. This error is often caused because of a data transfer failure between your Android device and the SD card. An improperly formatted or damaged file has resulted in the Android operating system mistakenly putting the wrong version of your video file on to the mobile memory. To fix this, here's what you can do...USA Upload offer large files to dawnload 
Use large video upload tool - If your upload software doesn't recognize the file size of the videos you're trying to upload, it's likely that your device has several problems. One common reason for this is that you have several videos stored in your device, and each one has a different size. In general, devices with at least 1GB of storage are highly recommended for large video upload tools. This also ensures that you don't upload large video files to low quality video upload tools. Low quality uploaders often times destroy your video's, regardless of their size.
Check the file size limit - You may set your file transfer speed to upload at normal or high quality. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you have no limits in terms of size. If you exceed the file size limit specified by your upload software, it may display an error message. When uploading videos, consider choosing a low quality video file transfer program to ensure that you don't risk corrupting your videos. Even if it's not considered to be a serious problem, there could be times when you upload video and it takes forever for them to upload.

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