books that everyone should start with
There are no books that everyone should start with, because everyone's goals are different: wealth, fame, recognition, job satisfaction, helping people are also view it now. But some effective books for self-development are given below.

  "7 skills of highly efficient people" - Stephen Covey.
"Buffetology" - Mary Buffett.
“Where is my cheese? "Spencer Johnson."
"Black Rhetoric" - Carsten Bredemayer.
"How to read, remember and never forget" - Mark Tigelaar.
"Be a better version of yourself" - Dan Waldschmidt.
"You can agree on everything!" "Gavin Kennedy."
"Get out of your comfort zone" - Brian Tracy.
"1 page a day: a diary for creative people" - Adam Kurtz.
"A holistic life: key skills to achieve your goals" - Les Hewitt, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen.
  "This year I ...: how to change habits, keep promises or do what you have long dreamed of" - MJ Ryan.
  "Abbreviation: how to memorize more by reading 8 times faster" - Peter Camp.
"Here and Now" - Osho.
"Tibetan yoga of sleep and dreams" - Tendzin Wangyal Rinpoche.
"The Sage and the Art of Living" - Antonio Meneghetti.
  "Regatta of a shaman" - Vladimir Serkin.
  "Purpose: The process of continuous improvement" - G. Elijah.
  "Supertraining" - Mike Mentzer.
  "Body language" - A. Pease.
  "Games that people play" - Eric Byrne.
"Critique of Pure Reason" - I. Kant.
"Consolation by philosophy" - Boethius.
"Willpower. How to develop and strengthen" - Kelly McGonigal.
"40 Studies in Psychology" - Roger Hawk.
"Essentialism" - Greg McKeon.

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