Applications for U.S. i-485 citizenship are not that difficult to accomplish. If you are applying for immigration, the first step is to pick a place that you want to call your homeland. Your homeland may be America, Canada or Mexico. But you need to know the details of your new country. The first document you will fill out in preparing for a U.S. citizenship application is a Certificate of Citizenship or naturalization which can be obtained from your embassy or from the U.S. consul's office.

In America, an applicant must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility which he or she will use to start the process of applying for a U.S. citizenship. A person who cannot obtain this on his or her own can get it by applying with the U.S. embassy. After this, all that is left is to register to vote. All three documents mentioned above can be collected together and mailed to the citizenship application center. The three documents are then processed.

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