activate Windows 10
How to activate Windows 10 on Android phones! Well, sure, it's kinda risky too but it's not like, you're burning your Android phones entire operating system and replacing it with Windows 10. It's more like you're installing an OS into an Android phone. Yup, you can use both Windows 10 & Android phone at once.

First off, you need to backup your current computer. So, what does this mean? Well, basically when you try to install windows 10 on your phone, it will install the latest version of Windows which is XP. When you try to install a different OS, such as Android or even some other "premium" OS, your computer will most likely show error messages saying that your current computer is" incompatible". This usually happens if you're installing multiple different programs at once (such as opening up multiple different email accounts, or multiple different web browser sessions).

To fix this error, you will need to get a new windows license for your operating system. Unfortunately, your current windows license for your phone is most likely expired, or won't be valid anymore. So, to get around this, you should go online and find a windows 10 product key. These keys will grant you access to download and install windows 10 on your phone. After you get your product key, you're free to sign up for an account at Microsoft and download the operating system.

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