how to make money with crypto??
Cryptocurrency is considered as a unit of money that is controlled through transactions between two parties. It has become popular in the world of trading where it is used as a system of payment for goods and services. It is usually created through a process of mathematical algorithm. With the technology of the Internet, certain types of cryptocurencies have been introduced. One such type is what is called Cryptocurrency Mining.

what is cryptocurrency
A cryptocoin is basically a digital commodity designed to function as a medium of trade where in certain user generated computer code records ownership of this commodity. This is different from money as there is no central store where you can keep your money safe and secure. However, the advantages of Cryptocurrency Mining is that you will earn profits through what is called "mining".

There are two main types of what is cryptocoin mining, these are the DarkNet and the Cloud Computing. The first type is where in you mine the currency from DarkNet which is unidentifiable whereas in the latter type, you mine the currency from the Cloud Computing. The advantage of DarkNet is that your mining is unconfirmed hence your investment is secured. On the other hand, the advantage of Cloud Computing is that your investment is confirmed hence you can trade at any time you want.
Useful information about crypto.
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