Gekko bot going nuts ?
Hello all,

I've been using Gekko bot for a while to trade on XLMBTC. One morning I saw hundred of suspicious trades and all my money was gone.   Angry

I asked Binance : those suspicious trades were made through the Gekko API key on various weird coins (IRIS, SYS, BUSD, PAX, FLM etc...) I have never traded before.

Do you think it can be a hack or the bot went nuts ?

My Binance API key has never been exposed  - only copied and pasted on Gekko - and the API runs on a SSH-secured EC2 server.

Here is a normal trade history of the API :

[Image: Capture-d-e-cran-2020-12-02-a-16-09-14.png]

Here is what happened during the night of the 25th Nov :

[Image: Capture-d-e-cran-2020-12-02-a-16-09-47.png]

So what do you think guys, Gekko bug or hack ?  Huh

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