9 Reasons WHY should choose JAVA for WEB Programming
The Java programming language was developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995. In 2010, Sun Microsystem was acquired by Oracle, so Java is now owned by Oracle.
For more than 24 years of its foundation and development, Java has become the foundation of most applications today. It has proven its worth in the development of enterprise software, mobile applications, website development, games and embedded systems.
Java has been heavily used in banking / finance applications around the world. It is also considered by large businesses like Amazon, Google and Facebook as one of the best languages for maintaining and developing business websites.
Therefore, it can be said that you are completely assured to choose Java for Web Programming.
Let's discuss all of the WHY you should choose JAVA for Web Programming in more detail below.
1. JAVA is platform independent to minimize web development and programming costs
2. Java security is very high
3. Java has a rich set of APIs for web programming
4. JAVA is used a lot in practical applications
5. Java has extremely good programming tools
6. Java supports multi-threaded programming to maximize the processing power of web pages. Turn them into advanced web applications.
7. Website programming in Java is easy to Scale
8. The object orientation of Java is the most complete, satisfying the most demanding requirements
9. Java has a huge and wonderful community to help you solve any learning and web programming challenges
I think you can do great things using Java, it can be a little confusing to learn, but if you persevere, you can do it.  basketballlegends.fun

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