Ripple (XRP) There is still time to go back
2018 has been a very bad year for Ripple (XRP) so far. The rise of crypto towards the end of 2017 is extremely promising, but over the following months the coin continues to go further and continues to decline. However, there is still time for Ripple to make a comeback and make significant gains.

Big hopes for Ripple (XRP)
Things looked fine for Ripple until 12 2017. Like other cryptos, XRP has skyrocketed and become one of the most popular coins on the market. In fact, it even managed to overtake Ethereum (ETH), and many believe it will become a direct competitor of Bitcoin (BTC). Many believe that Ripple is to be the top currency in no time. Some even claim that it is still too early for decentralized coins to fully dominate the market and that Ripple is the way to go. Its nature and the situation have made it very popular, not only with secret investors but also with financial institutions and some of the largest banks in the world.

Ripple has been making partnerships all over the place, and almost every week saw some kind of positive development. Names like Western Union, Santander, MoneyGram, Bank of America, and all are in a hurry to cooperate with the currency. The price of the crypto is expected to continue to rise, and no one is hesitant to jump on board XRP, while it is still early.

Some predictions even say that it is only a matter of time when Ripple will jump from 20 cents per coin to Bitcoin's price. Such an increase, while in astronomy, is always a possibility when it comes to the world of cryptography. Unfortunately, it never got there, and it has been all downhill from there for XRP.

And then everything changed
Sooner or later, Ripple has gone downhill a lot. After hitting a price of $ 3.40 per unit, it quickly dropped to $ 0.18 shortly after the Crypto price dropped at the beginning of the year. However, a lot of investors still believe that Ripple can, and will, make a big comeback later this year. Despite its low price, XRP stands firm as one of the cryptos with the highest number of token holders.

Basically, this means that people haven't given up on Ripple yet, and many are waiting for the market to turn around. Once that happens, some believe that Ripple will beat its old top price, and possibly even go as high as $ 10 per coin. This is, of course, significantly lower than the prediction that the price of Ripple will reach Bitcoin. However, even so, it would still be better for Ripple to stay at its current price of $ 0.435990.

Fortunately for all of these investors, Ripple seems to be doing well lately, and its charts suggest that crypto is likely to eventually steadily and seriously grow. This goes for the US dollar, as does Bitcoin (BTC).

The rankings are actually relatively similar, and if Ripple continues on its current path, the coin could even recover to its former glory before the year ends. Despite the controversy and litigation that Ripple is a security issue, which their team continues to deny, the coin still holds third place according to CoinMarketCap.

The various partnerships and some products Ripple has released continue to ensure that Crypto is, in fact, necessary on a large scale. The coin's work on allowing better cross-border transactions is one of the strongest reasons so many people believe Ripple will stick around and its price will slowly return.
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