Are Amway products really good?
Amway is one that has been around for generations.  Amway sells a very various product line that contains items from health and beauty to household cleaners. Amway is presently known as the largest MLM business in the world; however, like many other MLMs, they have seen their fair share of rumors and investigations. Also, there are discussions going on Amway Reviews, let's try to know the facts.

History of Amway
Amway was established in 1959, by Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel. The company is situated in Ada, Michigan. It operates the marketing work to sell beauty, homecare, and healthcare products. With Amway, people can start their own business with low startup amount, that provides access to their products and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

About Amway
It is treated as the largest direct-selling organization in the world.  Amway’s present annual revenues are approximately $8.8 billion.

Amway is not only a direct selling company but also grasps the manufacturing and R&D of new products across America. It has invested $335 million in the past seven years on this and owns one million square feet of land with plants in Michigan, California, and Washington. It has also secured more than 800 patents. 

Amway Products Categories Includes:
  • Nutrition and Wellness/Food Supplements 
  • Personal care
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Commercial Products
  • Cosmetics/Skincare

Amway’s nutrition products are naturally made with no chemicals involved at any stage, which makes it free of any side effects or ill consequences. With the growing concern regarding health and a proper living style among people, it is gaining more popularity.

3 Ways to Make Money with Amway
  • Retail Margin – The IBO can buy the products at the ‘Special IBO’ price and sell at their determined price. The difference is called the Retail Margin which is held back by the IBO.
  • Bonuses – Each product sold will acquire performance points. The IBO’s points and the successive downline IBO’s points within the team are accumulated to earn Bonuses.
  • Incentives – The IBO’s are rewarded with incentive programs like trips or cash rewards, etc., on reaching with incentive programs.

Amway Pros and Cons
  • Amway is one of the oldest and largest network marketing companies which does approx $9 billion annual sales.
  • Amway has a wide range of well made and top-selling products.
  • The business plan is very attractive with good profit-sharing policies.

  • The pyramid scheme is a little disheartening.
  • High-cost products.
  • Newbies cannot earn quickly, as they need to invest more time and money to start their earnings.

Final Verdict
The Amway sales and marketing tactics for business opportunities are open to everyone. The compensation plans are also appealing but require more time and money to be invested in. Overall Amway reviews are acceptable as it is considered as one of the oldest and largest MLM companies in the business world. Their various and number product line provides something for everyone. Income assumptions should be moderated though as very few of their IBOs are making an honest income.

So it is very difficult to wind it up as a scam.
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