Litecoin Predictions: What's the Future of Litecoin?
In the world of crypto, Litecoin is called the "digital silver" whereas Bitcoin is called the "digital gold".Litecoin transactions are four times faster than Bitcoin Blockchain. Litecoin is also an alternative for bitcoin but it cannot be replaced as its parent coin. There are many ups and downs in the crypto world, we should be aware of. Let us see the Litecoin predictions.

What is Litecoin?
Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is created by Charlie Lee. The creation was based on the Bitcoin protocol which alters in terms of the hashing algorithm used.

Litecoin is based on blockchain technology. It is exactly decentralized, no mediators, organizations, or central firewall are needed for its operation, the activities of the system are supplied by all members of the community, each of which has precisely equal rights. Members of the community act both as a user & as a server. 

Litecoin vs bitcoin
Litecoin is an early derivative of Bitcoin, which is almost alike with respect to Bitcoin’s fundamental technology. Bitcoin and Litecoin have a lot in common, they are both cryptocurrencies dependent only on the cryptographic principle of the network itself. Yet Bitcoin and Litecoin vary in important respects.

Companies use Litecoin to give away coins as rewards to promote their platform. Bitcoin Casinos introduced this technique to attract new players.  Bitcoin casinos give out the most acceptable bonuses, but they come with numerous terms and conditions.
Litecoin (LTC) separates itself from Bitcoin through some basic differences such as in its algorithm, transaction processing speed, and coin limit. These differences were carried out to address what many see as fundamental faults with Bitcoin.

LTC Price 2019
Litecoin had a bullish trend for the first half of the year. LTC price increased four times from $31.02 to $138.4 from January to June. The Upcoming halving was the main reason for the price increase that took place on August 5. It was absolutely predicted that the price would decrease almost by 50% after Halving.

Litecoin Price Prediction 2020
Let us know what prediction experts of the crypto world say about Litecoin price prediction for 2020 – 
  • According to WalletInvestor, LTC price will have a bearish trend in 2020. Also, December will be a good month for crypto and LTC will jump to $25.
  • TradingBeasts, a popular crypto forecast website, predicted that  LTC price will be around $46.23  by the end of next year; and only a bit higher in 2021 – up to $67.23.
  • CoinFan, a famous online forecasting service, says that Litecoin’s future predictions look rather promising, with LTC prognosed to end 2020 at $276.4.
  • George Tung, a cryptocurrency analyst, says litecoin prices might rise as high as $1,500 towards the end of 2020.
  • As per the crypto ground forecast, litecoin price might reach $88 by 2020, and in five years litecoin might reach $347.
  • Long Forecast believes that the Litecoin price will fluctuate in 2020 between $30 and $50.

Litecoin Price Prediction 2021
However, Experts believe that LTC price would reach $600 by the end of 2021. Here are some of the expert’s predictions:
  • According to TradingBeasts LTC price would reach $70 by Dec 2021.
  • WalletInvestors predicts LTC price would not cross the $100 mark next year.

Final Words
As all the things are going right now in the market, Litecoin is rising up a lot quicker than all its market competitors. An expert says $49 seems likely, reaching $100 will cause a very different set of challenges.

So, what are your views on Litecoin Price Prediction? Do share.
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