Is Buy and Hold Really the Best Strategy in Crypto?
Some people say that Buy and Hold is the best strategy and can't be beaten. They hear phrases like “95% of traders lose money” and automatically assume that all trading is bad and markets can not be outperformed.

In my Medium post, I’m going to show you, that holding might not be the best option if you put in a little bit of work. To do that, I compare Buy and Hold returns for 25 coins with several basic trend-following strategies in different time periods (over 3.5 years of data and then a little extra).


The source code of strategies and raw test results (CSV) is pushed to my Github.

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

[Image: 1-med10-profit-Jan2019-Jul2020-2020-08-24-13-24.png]
No, Buy and Hold isn't the best in Crypto. It tends to be beaten with some generally straightforward pattern following methodologies.
Have a great day, buddy! The buy-and-hold strategy for trading crypto isn't the BEST strategy. It is just a good strategy, especially for big investors and starters. Choosing the proper strategy for starters is always hard. Exist a couple of good strategies for beginners. Swing trading is the better strategy overall, in my opinion. This strategy requires more crypto market knowledge and paying attention to many indicators. You need to have good wallets and crypto cards with good exchange rates.

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