Libonomy Blockchain ( Dapps)
Hello, guys, I want to start to build my apps on a better platform than we have right now I see so many flaws in the current models.
However, what if there was an option in just 30days? An option like no other to be perfectly honest. I'm not here to waste time and money on the poor system, I was the best of the best for my business. Now, This Libonomy is a new breed compared to the rest, seems like the founders were real normal people who don't give a crap about the politics or bankers of this world, They have designed us all a new way forward.  AI consensus Algorithm engine helping support a level of new support layers, including a unique, exploit finding node. This will be used to stop hackers. So much more reading into the road map, but I'm here to ask for your support and check this out. This and we all builders would be a nice new option for all of us to use.
Google Libonomy on Github, they have some P2p to view Testnet data there.
Looking for support only people. Is this worth our time?
Over and Out


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