Using Docker and how could I get access to files?
Hi at all,

I have a NAS, which allows to run Docker-Cotainer. Finally I figured out, how i can run Gekko / GreenGekko.

Some Papertrading Bots are working (in most results with negative PnL ;-) )

How can I edit files e.g. config or strategies? Or use Plugins e.g. TelegramBot?

In the UI is no option for this.

Which folder should I mount as a Volume? Or how i can interact with Gekko? I still confused.

I am a Windows-User, so i thought it is a good idea to use a Container for the *nix stuff.

And which Docker-Container is maintained e.g. a green Gekko

Or is there a more common fork out there?

Many questions, i hope for some answers.



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