Issue : sometimes, Gekko only sells part of portfolio

This is my first post/thread on this forum, I'm glad such a community exists !

I've been running a tradebot since a couple of weeks now, and i'm facing an issue when Gekko tries to sell my portofolio.

Sometimes, only a part of my assets is sold, and then... nothing...
The tradabot is still running, but no errors shown in log, no roundtrip information, not even a red dot on the chart.
And the worst : no more trades

Then, I waste hours and days. 
Even if a buy or sell condition seems to be triggered, nah, just my market watcher updating and nothing more...
My bot becomes zombified, and I have to restart a new one.

I'm using, I guess, the latest version of Gekko v0.6.8, on Linux Mint, my exchange is Kraken, on EUR/BTC

Is this issue known ? And is there anything to do to get fix it ?

Thanks for your answers and support !

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