We are hiring a node.js dev who has experience with gekko
Hey guys! We are looking for a backend developer who has experience in:
I am a product owner in Fund Platform - software for crypto fund managers. We have an algotrading feature so that customers can connect their exchanges and write algorithms using gekko.

Hope we can find somebody here.  I am really sorry for an off-topic post. 
 My telegram is: @ceofundplatform

Horly payments up to $25/hour
Check out this guide on how to hire node js developers. There's a comprehensive informations about it
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Also you can take a look at outsourcing software development companies, they have lots of cool developers.
Actually, hiring is a very hard and time-consuming process. If you want to save your time and hire effectively, try to implement software solutions, like Applicant Tracking System, that will help you with vacancy posting, tracking the potential candidates, and meeting scheduling - https://www.mindk.com/blog/creating-an-a...ng-system/.

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