totally new and need help
ok, so im totally new to all this. i know how to trade crypto but have never used a bot. 

right now i have got to this stage. 
i have gekko installed and can get the home page and do data importing and backtesting
i have a api key and a secret. 

so i have the following questions. 

when selecting a strategy, i can change the parameters. but i have no idea what they mean. 
eg, MACD has threshold parameters like "down = -0.025" , but what does this mean in english? 
CCI has "# constant multiplier. 0.015 gets to around 70% fit constant = 0.015" , but what does it mean ? 

i dont understand how to set a max trade size. i dont want to try the bot as a test only to see it sell all my crypto, how do i set a limit to what it can spend? 

how do i stop a live gekko? it only has a start button but there seems to be no stop button? if something goes wrong i want to be able to stop it.
is this forum dead?
Hi sparkes25, you can stop gekko with command c.
Have a look on the gekko site, there is a lot of information there:
You can use a tracker software or exchangePlatform (binance) for observation of a strategie.
There you can choos a pair without beeing logged in.

Now choose Candle size and strategie in oder to display the Trend waveform.

example Binance:
goto choose exchange: advanced
-set candle size

-MA   //under tools u find the indicators (choose MA)
-Edit Indicator: hover over trend window-> now click the small Wrench icon on TopLeft

thats it
now you can choose the numbers and visually compare your strategie with the Backtest of Gekko.
(MA crossing)

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