beating the market
hi guys/girls,

i was kinda wondering. essentially trading is the gamble for the next candle.
And beisdes the all the wisdom, i've not yet seen a good NN aprouch to it.
(kinda sad i'm good at python but not at JS, to create a neural net).

but anyway, there is also lots of smartguystalking their great ideas, (and hoping you buy a course of them).
I came to think eventually its more like beating the odds.

For example now i got some math that just makes 40%, that's not beating the market but at least its positive.
(some chaikin oscilator rules, and ema patterns)
It does trade, but it also takes long waiting peridods, often missing lots opurtunities whitin the waits.
Overall it trades safe, but not beating the market this way.
Though it made me wonder, since its not dealing all the time, and its missing wait moments.
Might it be that a colections of math formula's, who seek ideal buy-in /sell-out moments be the best idea about trading.
Just make sure none of the colection-rule-ideas would trade too often, but all have a reasonable chance one of them would trigger.

i wonder if people have folowed this path.

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