exchange wrapper binance error?
Just seen an error 2013 when trading on binance and it looks to me like we have regressed a bit. Can someone please confirm?

It looks like commit 4b122cfdfb0e66225f769ac3db022bdb6b14aeda has been lost in the stable and develop branches

develop branch has this in exchange/wrappers/binance.js

     if(funcName === 'checkOrder' && error.message.includes('Order does not exist.')) {
       console.log(new Date, 'Binance doesnt know this order, retrying up to 10 times..');
       error.retry = 10;

and the commit for [WIP] GB stability improvements #2330

wanted it to be this
     if(funcName === 'checkOrder' && error.message.includes('Order does not exist.')) {
       // order got filled in full before it could be
       // cancelled, meaning it was NOT cancelled.
       return callback(false, {filled: true});
Am I reading this right?

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