RSI Trailing buy/sell

There is an idea of strategy, but no programming experience.
Maybe someone already had such ideas or developments?

RSI Trailing Stop

interval = 14

low = 30
high = 70

buy = 5
sell = 5

When RSI = 30, a buy signal is sent, when the price rises by 5% (purchase = 5) of the signal price, the purchase triggers in the market.

This feature allows you to make purchases deeper than the original signal.
Example: the signal worked at the level of $ 100, but the price dropped and reached $ 90, then the purchase will be made at the price of $ 94.5 (purchase = 5).
If the price immediately went up, the purchase will cost 105 dollars. The result is a shift of + 5% from the current minimum price.

When RSI = 70, stop loss is set from the current price of -5% (sale = 5). If the price goes up, the stop loss also moves up.
Example: RSI = 70 worked for $ 130, but it grew, reached $ 150 and fell. The sale will cost $ 142.5.
Or from 130 dollars went to decline, then sales will be at 123.5 dollars.

This feature is implemented on bitfinex.

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