Attach sell order at higher price in order book
i want to create a limit sticky order at specific price to be able to get benefit from flash pump or flash crash dump.

Sometimes there are spikes in price when someone buy a market order with huge money . so i want to create an sell order lets say 3% higher than my buy order and stick it in the order book . and in the same time go on with my slow strategy which lets say the target is 1% higher than the buy price . so i want to stick that order 3% higher in the order book and once i reach the 1% i cancel it and sell . so which one come first i sell with it . either the flash pump 3% or the normal slow strat 1%

how can i do that ?
Ok i was able to get the limit order to work . the strat now issue limit order 2% above the current low sell order as soon as it buy
But now i dont know how to cancel that limit order and create a sticky order once i reach the 1% ( using the slow strat )

i tried with trader.js but couldnot find how to do that

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