3 technical / set up questions.
Hi everyone

I stumbled onto Gekko Framework after I browsed around researching on Crypto bots. 

I have 3 queries, and hope some gurus could give some advice. 

I am running Ubuntu v16 and Docker combination for Gekko

Query 1

I read this article: https://medium.com/@BlockchainEng/crypto...fe906acbb6

I wanted to give NN a shot. However, I am unable to get NN strategy to work on Ubuntu v16. To use NN, I have to issue " npm install convnetjs mathjs". The node_modules appeared in my Gekko folder. But I am not able to backtest NN strategy with error message "MODULE NOT FOUND"

Query 2

How do I know Gekko is indeed running? How do I see error log files? I am aware that Gekko is running by going to http://localhost:3000 or by issuing docker ps -a command, but how do I know if Gekko is hitting errors?

I have managed to get it running on basic RSI, but is it really running correctly?

Query 3

Apart from inserting API keys, what other configuration is available? Can I control trade size? 

Thank you everyone!

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