Bittrex bug fixed?
Hi, it's been about 10 months since Bittrex API problem has been documented. What is the status?

How does the bug affect backtesting? How does it affect live trading?


Satoshi PhD
I have now followed all directions with gekko to start live trading, after having done backtesting, and paper trading.
Finally, trying to live trade on bittrex, I get gekko error and no go.

Any way gekko developers are willing to fix this? Bittrex is one of the major US exchanges.


2019-06-09 00:44:44 (INFO): Setting up:
2019-06-09 00:44:44 (INFO): Trader
2019-06-09 00:44:44 (INFO): Follows the advice and create real orders.

Gekko encountered an error and can't continue


At this moment Gekko can't trade at bittrex.

Meta debug info:

Gekko version: v0.6.8
Nodejs version: v8.16.0
Try fxtm stock trading, the have alredy fixed that

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