Help coding my manual but algorithmic swing trade strategy
I have been trying automate my trading strategy which is essentially a forex swing trade strategy with support and resistance. WAVES, for example, has had since the past weeks, a support of 0.00069 BTC support and i have been trading this for a while manually. RVN also just bounced from its support of 0.0000028 BTC. Setting up a stop-loss around these support and a limit profit taking algorithm would significantly reduce my time spent at the computer. I saw some methods of converting the discrete candle stick to a continuous function and then use differentials to find maxima or minima. So, swing trade strategy can also be automated. Someone thinks he/she might help? Essentially, I go through the weekly time frame first and select coins that have bottomed. Then, i move to the daily and continue filtering, then, the 4 hourly and the 15 minutes. From the 15 minutes, depending on the trend, then i buy on lows and sell on high. If downtrend also on 15 minutes, then i buy on lower low and so on. So, i follow a strict set of rules. I have multiple accounts on binance because of the daily limit of 2 BTC. But in one account, I was trading WAVES, GRS, RVN, LUN, MITH, BCPT and DENT only and I made roughly 10 % gains per week. Since November, I doubled my BTC portfolio. Any help automating this strategy would significantly reduce my work load. I am a bit bored doing the same thing daily, despite the profits. Hope someone can help.

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