Gekko Bot
Hello everyone,

Just found the forum through Mikes post on bitcointalk, ages old in crypto times, I guess, but great read.

I wanted to see what the gekko bot is, is it a proof of concept bot? It looks like everyone is written in js, so performance wasn't a target it seems. Probably more for testing strategies, not for anything that relies on high frequency trades.

So I guess the backtesting functionality is the bots strenght, probably it's easy to include different indicators and such.

Out of interest, I once bought a bot on tradewave (honeybadger), never was able to test it back then and when I checked back, might be more than a year later, tradewave was gone already. :Big Grin Only the free version of the bot is used by someone on cryptotrader, while not performing really impressive. I believe the owner only used something like crossing ma's and pattern recognitions, really simple indicators. So is testing things like that the target of Gekko bot? Is the dev maybe on here as well, on first sight it looks like some great minds gathered here. Big Grin

Thanks for all your thoughts so far!

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