Test Multiple Strategies simultaneously on a single exchange API key

I been trying to figure out how to do this since I started using Gekko back in 2017. For exchanges that are heavily KYCed like Coinbase Pro, you end up having only one account meaning you can only trade one crypto with Gekko as it uses your entire balance. What I wanted to do is set a fiat limit so if I have $300 USD, I can have 3 Gekkos each trading $100 so I can see how each strategy performs and adjust each accordingly. 

I believe I have done it with this modification to the trader.js file.

I also created a video here explaining the modification.

The modification not only limits the starting balance for each Gekko. It also updates the available balance based on wins/losses. So if your strat running with $100 limit makes a winning trade that earns it $10, it will now have $110 available to trade. Subsequently, if your other strat makes a trade that loses $10, it will now only have $90 to trade with. 

I have already tested this out on Coinbase Pro with 2 Gekkos running ETH/USD and ETC/USD simultaneously and it worked as described. Let me know what you guys think!
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