Trading bot for stable coins
Hi Guys,
I'm new here, pleasure to meet all of you! I was thinking of something but I don't know if it's madness or if it is feasible . since the stable coins don't have big movements but have the center of gravity around the dollar, you couldn't take advantage of this? I was looking at the TUSD-USDT chart and I noticed that the price is almost always above the dollar, so you could think very simply, on a 15m chart to buy when the RSI is oversold at 25 for example, and to sell when it arrives at 75 overbought for example, being quite calm with a stop loss at 1 dollar. Another idea for Stable/usd that gravitate over and under 1 dollar could be the bot buys or sells when the price is away from $ 1(using a oscillator) and closes the operation when it comes back.
Is there any of you who has already thought about such a strategy?

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