Long and Short advice behavior
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I have a very basic strategy that instructs gekko to go long at a certain price and short at a certain price. Lets say it goes long at 100$ and trys to sell at 150$.

The problem I have is that once the price drops to 100$, Gekko will attempt to issue a buy order at the current market price, regardless if the price raises above said buy level at 100$ i.e. after price drops to 99 but Gekko cannot fill the order fast enough it will keep issuing continually higher buy orders even if the price goes above 100$. 

Likewise, it will do the same with the short position(sell order). During my test day trading scalping exercise, it dropped the price so far that I barely had any profit in the trade. 

I understand market volume and how just because the price is at a certain point doesn't mean there is enough volume there to trade at the point, but my question is, is it intentional for the bot to keep trying to buy above the buy threshold? Do I need to adjust my strategy configuration to NOT let it buy past the buy threshold?(Shouldn't be too hard honestly). 

Also, a side question, is it possible to have more than one short and long advice? When I wrote my stop loss into the strategy I had to combine it with my other sell position rather than have one short advice trigger for stop loss and one short advice for taking profit. It's not a problem persay just wanted to see if I was missing something, I was thinking of adding a couple other buy/sell conditions and wanted to know if I had to combine them into one function or could keep them seperate.

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